Flood Repair

If your home has been a victim of flooding then a lot of times you will have rotten wood inside of the home from years of abuse. The absolute best repair is to protect the wood with certain types of treatment. If you do a good job of protecting the wood then you won’t have to worry about this problem at all. This is called a wood hardener and you should treat all the wood in your home with this treatment. You need to make sure the wood in your home in dry enough to apply this treatment. If the wood has been dry for several months then you should be apply this treatment and protect the wood for a very long time. You need to make sure the outside layers of the wood are removed to ensure the best results possible. The wood hardener or epoxy can easily be applied with a simple paint brush to make sure it is evenly applied correctly. If there are holes in the wood then you need to make sure that you use some type of wood filler. The wood filler will make sure that you don’t have any weak spots that could cause problems in the future.

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